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Turning Urban and Community Trees into Products Involves the Entire Wood Use Chain:

    Arborists - fell trees, harvest logs

    Sawyers - mill logs into lumber

    Woodworkers - build wood products from lumber

    Intermediaries - specify and sell wood products

    End users - buy finished wood products


Urban Timber Harvesting for Hardwood Lumber Utilization and Recovery.

Fall M2UTiHLzR Training Municipal Managers Urban Timber Harvesting for Hardwood Lumber Utilization and Recovery.


Feasibility Study for a Community Wood Reclamation System  

Final Report

Webinar Presentation

The IL EAB WUT conducted a Feasibility Study for a Community Wood Reclamation System. The study identified potential supply and markets, reviewed operational logistics and organizational options, and created financial projections for a multi-municipality staging center for tree removal, reclamation, and distribution.

Urban Forest Products Alliance

The Tri-State Urban Wood Marketing and Certification Collaborative, of which the Illinois Emerald Ash Borer Wood Utilization Team is a member, held a series of three roundtables involving key players in the wood products, urban forestry, government, and green building and products sectors. As a result of these sessions, industry, government, and non-profit leaders came together as the Urban Forest Products Alliance (UFPA) with the mission of advancing the highest and best use of the products of sustainably-managed urban forests and the vision of putting all wood from urban trees to good use. For more information on UFPA, please join the LinkedIn group, Urban Forest Products Alliance or visit the

Urban Forest Products Alliance website.



Brochures, Reports, and Presentations

Marketing Urban Trees for Higher Uses 2011                                                                                    This handout provides infromation including. Markets for community trees, a listing of Illinois sawyers accepting and processing urban and community trees, an ash wood properties page,  and a letter for homeowners interested in utilizing trees.

Harvest Urban Timber!

Wood Utilization Team brochure: Reclaim Trees. Reduce Waste. Create Beauty.

Emerald Ash Board

Illinois Emerald Ash Borer Wood Utilization Team brochure advocating the use of ash wood: Create Beauty From Ash Trees Affected by EAB

Beetles, Bats and Beyond: Harvesting Community Timber

Wood Utlization Team PowerPoint Presentation on the links in the community wood use chain.

Today Show Feature on Wilmette Wonder Boys

Tells the story of Little League baseball bats made from Emerald Ash Board made from trees taken down in the Illinois suburb of Wilmette

Presentation by Daniel Cassens, Professor of Wood Products at Purdue University, following costs and pricing through the wood products industry supply chain.

Environmental & Urban Wood Reclamation
An Illinois Institute of Technology Undergraduate Interprofessional Project reviewing market options for the wood generated from three suburban Chicago communities.

For the Betterment of the Urban Forest

City Trees magazine article by Homewood Village Forester Jim Tresouthick describing wood utilization

Illinois Websites

Illinois Department of Agriculture Emerald Ash Borer Information

Illinois Arborist Association

Rising From Ashes: Furniture From Lost Trees

Useful websites from other states

Ash Utilization Options Project of Southeast Michigan

Dovetail Partners, Inc. Harvesting Urban Timber 


Illinois Emerald Ash Borer Wood Utilization Team

  • Goal: to encourage the harvesting and use of wood from urban and community trees felled in Illinois.
  • Funding: grant from U.S. Forest Service Northeastern Area Wood Education and Resource Center (WERC) supplemented by in-kind matching support from the Illinois Institute of Technology and the Chicago Furniture Designers Association and other partners.
  • Team: The Team of Illinois state and federal government officials and industry leaders supports a Wood Utilization Network of urban foresters, municipalities, landowners, wood processors, green builders, economic development organizations, and end users.
  • History: First funded in 2007, the Team is a subcommittee of the Illinois Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Readiness Team, which is part of the Governor's Management and Science Advisory Panel under the Illinois Department of Agriculture.
  • Accomplishments: Click on the icons for the links in the wood use chain to learn what we are doing to support each link in the chain.

Illinois Emerald Ash Borer Wood Utilization Team Members

Team Chairperson

Edith Makra
Director of Environmental Initiatives

Metropolitan Mayors Caucus

Team Members

Robert Benjamin
Outreach Coordinator
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Laureen T. Blissard
Member & Past Chair
U.S. Green Building Council - Illinois

Jeffrey Coath
EAB Program Supervisor
U.S. Department of Agriculture

Paul Deizman
Forest Management and Utilization
Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Tom Gargrave
Regional Forester
Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Jay Hayek
Extension Forester
University of Illinois

Juli Heminghous
Emerald Ash Borer Outreach Coordinator
Illinois Department of Agriculture

Matt Seiler
Chicago Furniture Designers Association

Randy Timmons
District Forester
Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Jim Tresouthick
Landscape Maintenance Supervisor
Village of Homewood


Michele Beaulieux
Work In Motion

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